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Harris Law Partners with Bloomerang Solutions

Prominent Sarasota Attorney Tom Harris knows that the most effective way to acquiring new clients is with a strong online presence and a smart marketing strategy. That’s why he has partnered with Bloomerang Solutions to give him the digital advantage in his competitive field.

As a personal injury lawyer, Mr. Harris handles exclusively in auto litigation and all forms of insurance cases. He has seen a substantial shift in that industry during his 36 years of practicing law and he knows that effectively attracting new clients takes careful planning and dedicated resources to remain competitive with the multi-million-dollar advertising budgets that some of the larger firms utilize.

“In today’s business environment, the personal Injury law field is so competitive that you have to have a top-notch website, a robust online presence, and the ability for people to find you there,” Harris said. “I learned that you cannot do that by yourself even if you’ve studied and worked on that for years. With all the advances in technology and the constantly changing algorithms, you need a true professional to not only formulate a strategy, but to also implement it and maintain it on a regular basis.”

Bloomerang Solutions founder and president, Art Conforti, owned Beneva Flowers in Sarasota for 33 years and has always taken an aggressive approach to marketing.

“One of the most important things I learned from owning a business is the importance of effective marketing. Most small business owners don’t have the luxury of buying television ads or billboards, so they have to be smarter and more calculated with how they utilize their marketing budget,” Conforti said. “Tom’s field of personal injury law is so competitive that you can’t turn on the radio or TV, or even drive more than a few miles down the road before noticing an ad for one of the big firms. It’s hard to complete with those massive budgets so it’s up to us to make sure that we’re utilizing every outlet to reach the right audience for him.”

Since hiring Bloomerang Solutions to build his new website and maintain his social media accounts and online advertising platforms, Harris has enjoyed a steady uptick in new clients in recent months.

“Meeting Art and his team at Bloomerang has been a terrific experience and has been a tremendous asset for my practice,” Harris said. “I went to Bloomerang because I want the phone to ring – and they’re making it ring. They’re a small boutique agency but they certainly know what they’re doing. From the website design to the content they produce and the traffic they drive from the web, it’s a turnkey solution that has freed up a lot of time to let me focus on cases for my clients.”

Tom Harris of Harris Law is a Sarasota-based personal injury attorney who handles exclusively in auto litigation and insurance cases. He can be reached 24-hours a day at (941) 366-0860 or at www.harrislawsrq.com.

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